Camila Andressa Lacerda Del Vigna

Camila has been at Aroeira Salles since August 2013 and advises companies involved in highway construction, subway systems, airports, waterways and railway infrastructure, especially in judicial litigation and management of public concession contracts.

She also acts in arbitration proceedings and judicial actions related to infrastructure, including public civil actions, actions of administrative improbity, collection actions and injunctions, as well as actions relating to tender proceedings.

Camila advises on the management of important administrative and private contracts in the area of ​​infrastructure as well as on administrative proceedings before public control bodies (Audit Courts) and other public administration bodies.

She graduated from the Milton Campos Law School in December 2014 at which time she also joined Aroeira Salles. During her degree, she undertook an academic study related to public concessions, in addition to taking a specialised course in the area of ​​Consumer Law.

Prior to joining the firm, she worked in the financial department of a large telecommunication company and was in charge of a vast client base.