Clara Sol da Costa

Clara is a senior associate. She joined Aroeira Salles in 2007, graduated in 2008 from the Milton Campos Law School and has a post-graduate qualification in Civil Procedural Law from the same university.

Her practice as a lawyer was initially focused on the management of public and private contracts, advising on important projects across various sectors including metro systems, roads, railway systems, energy, oil and gas and services as well as in urban mobility.

In 2011, she moved to the Rio de Janeiro office and advised clients in relation to tender processes, contract management and auditing by control bodies, mainly involving stadiums and urban mobility related to the FIFA World Cup and the Olympics. She acted in proceedings before the administrative and judicial authorities of the state and municipality of Rio de Janeiro.

Over the years, she has accumulated experience in advising on public and private infrastructure contracts under different contracting regimes and she has expanded her practice to judicial and administrative litigation related to such contracts, notably in actions for administrative improbity, collection actions, lawsuits filed by public administration bodies, auditing and inspection before supervisory bodies.

Currently, she is a member of and assists in the coordination of the Rio de Janeiro Team which is in charge of the demands of clients with either headquarters or projects in Rio and legal actions before the State Higher Court and both the State and Municipality Audit Courts in addition to working on legal proceedings before the Federal Audit Court in Brasília.