Felipe Pereira Libório

Felipe joined Aroeira Salles in February 2012. With proven experience in the management of law firms, he joined the team to contribute to the administrative reorganisation, improvement of the commercial and collection areas, better communication between the production (legal service) and administrative areas, as well as the implementation of a new system of financial and procedural management.

His previous experience includes the management of two offices of one of the largest firms in banking law in Brazil, with intense commercial performance and the coordination of administrative and legal teams, to enable the fulfillment of the needs of external and internal clients and procedural deadlines.

He has been a member of the OAB / MG since 2000 and he obtained his bachelor’s degree from the Monsenhor Messias Educational Foundation – UNIFEMM (January / 2000). He has post graduate qualifications in Public Law from ANAMAGES Newton Paiva / MG (December 2004), in Civil Law from the University of Veiga de Almeida / RJ (December / 2006) and an Executive MBA in Business Management from IBMEC – Belo Horizonte (August / 2009). In addition to academic and professional activities, Felipe is a sports enthusiast and he has participated in numerous state and national judo tournaments in the light sub-15 category and as a swimmer from pre-junior to junior level. As a teenager, he dedicated himself to Capoeira and he graduated as an instructor, and he taught it for some years.