Flávia Mendes Ribeiro Moreira

Flávia holds a law degree from the FUMEC University Center (July 2002), with a post-graduate degree in Civil Procedural Law from Gama Filho University (2006).

She joined Aroeira Salles in 2010 and her focus is on Administrative and Environmental Law, primarily advising on judicial and administrative litigation representing public and private companies, consortia and individuals before the State, Special and Federal Courts, with an emphasis on large infrastructure works and heavy construction. In 2012, she was urged to accept a proposal with great potential for professional growth, thus leaving Aroeira Salles temporarily. In 2018, she returned to work at the firm notably in the management of the team and in the development of the Proceeding Management activities by focusing on external audits, customers’ and internal demands, statistics, creation and improvement of criteria for the use and updating of legal systems (software).

As an intern, she worked before the Minas Gerais Higher Court in the legal department of the company Immobile – Real Estate Business – and in a labor law office.

Flávia has practiced law since 2002 and has extensive professional experience, mainly in the following offices / companies:

  • Rossi, Siqueira and Sejas Advocates S / C (2002 – 2005):  working on matters in all levels of the State, Special and Federal Courts, with focus on Business, Consumer, Contract, Security and Banking Law; and secondarily in Family, Probate, and Hereditary Succession Law.
  • Social Service of Commerce – Sesc / MG (2012 – 2017): senior lawyer of the Legal Department of the institution, focused on matters in the following areas: Administrative, Business, Urban, Environmental, Juvenile, Contractual, Consumer and Neighborhood. Working in the advisory areas; (State and Special Courts) and administrative litigation (Federal Court of Accounts, Comptroller-General of the Union’s Office, Public Prosecutor’s Office, Fire Brigade of the Minas Gerais and Rio de Janeiro States, and Municipal Governments throughout the Minas Gerais State, especially Urban Regulation, Environment, Regional Administrations, Sport and Recreation, Health / Sanitary Surveillance Boards and Agencies). Activities related to standards of accessibility, fire and panic, sanitary, noise and visual pollution; Municipal Codes of Postures of several Municipalities, Buildings and Water public franchises; Urban Land Payment and Use Law; historical and cultural heritage and environmental and urbanistic licensing. In charge of the Engineering and Architecture litigation cases.


Flávia has experience working internationally especially in England and Austria. She has advanced level English and intermediate German.