Francisco de Melo Franco Ferreira

Francisco has been a partner of the firm since 2006.

He advises on Constitutional, Administrative, Environmental, Urban, Contractual and Anti-Corruption Law, predominantly in relation to matters in the infrastructure sector.

He is experienced in advising on tender processes, management of public and private contracts, resolution of disputes relating to the economic and financial balance of contracts, modification and termination of contracts and application of penalties. Francisco also has extensive experience working with highly complex technical analyses in relation to infrastructure projects.

In relation to public civil actions and administrative improbity actions, Francisco represents clients that have their acts, contracts and services questioned as to their legality, propriety or economicity. Francisco has recently successfully represented clients in relation to investigations of improbity and corruption in the construction and infrastructure sector in Brazil.

In the administrative and regulatory areas, he advises clients on control processes, public civil investigations, proceedings based on the Anti-Corruption Law and negotiation of collaboration and leniency agreements. In these areas, his work is also focused on judicial review of administrative and regulatory acts in which administrative decisions are analysed in the Courts and often directly in the Federal Supreme Court, as is the case with acts of the Federal Court of Accounts.

Based on his experience with regulation, propriety and control, he advises clients on the implementation and review of compliance systems and internal investigations as well as in the relationship with the supervisory bodies.

As well as being partner of the firm, Francisco has also been attorney of the Municipality of Belo Horizonte since 2005, with experience in advising the Executive Branch and acting in respect of litigation involving environmental and urban law.

He is a member of the International Construction Law Association (ICLA) and Lex Anglo Brazil. He has contributed to events in Brazil and the United Kingdom thereby promoting the exchange of theoretical and practical knowledge on a wide range of topics including anti-corruption, construction law, international contracts and alliance contracts.

He holds a law degree from the Federal University of Minas Gerais and has a post-graduate qualification in Public Law from PUC University and is currently undertaking Master’s degree at University College London.