Lais Magalhães Martins Lima

Lais joined Aroeira Salles in February 2017 as an intern working on matters relating to the management of public and private infrastructure contracts, especially in the oil and gas and construction sectors.

She graduated from the Federal University of Minas Gerais in January 2018, at which point she qualified into the firm’s Rio de Janeiro team as a lawyer. Since then, she has been advising clients with headquarters or projects in Rio and proceedings in the Rio de Janeiro State Higher Court and Audit Court.

Lais’ practice is focused on administrative and judicial disputes notably in administrative improbity and popular actions as well as processes of auditing and inspection before the control bodies. She also advises clients on public and private contracts.

During her undergraduate, she studied in the United States and Germany, where she completed extensive courses over one year in the Hochschule Schmalkalden with a focus on the German language, Private International Law and Business Law.

Upon returning to Brazil, Lais wrote her final dissertation on Commercial Law with orientation from professors from the courses in Germany.

Lais is fluent in English and is able to understand, to speak and to write well in German.