Rodrigo Domingues Almeida Reis

Rodrigo joined Aroeira Salles Advogados as an intern in September 2016 and, since then, provides legal assistance to Brazilian and international clients in public and private infrastructure projects, especially in the construction, naval and metro industries. This assistance encompasses contract management, inspection by government agencies and Courts of Auditors, and civil actions for damages and/or contractual termination. Moreover, Rodrigo also provides assistance in defending clients in improbity actions in state and federal courts in the State of Rio de Janeiro.

With a background in Economics, Rodrigo holds a bachelor’s degree in Law from Pontifícia Universidade Católica do Rio de Janeiro (PUC-Rio), and developed an end of course paper on provisional remedies in improbity actions. Before joining Aroeira Salles, Rodrigo was an intern at the Judge’s office in the 6 th Civil Court in Rio de Janeiro’s State Court, in the judicial district of Barra da Tijuca, working directly under the Judge and providing support in trials and proceedings.

Rodrigo also holds a Certificate of Proficiency in English (C2) from Cambridge, and is currently taking an extension course in PUC-Rio on the impacts of the Economic Freedom Federal Act in Contractual Law.