Tathiane Vieira Viggiano Fernandes

Tathiane has been a member of the Aroeira Salles team for over 14 years. She started her career as an intern in Aroeira Salles’ Belo Horizonte office. In 2007, she became a partner of Aroeira Salles and, in the same year, she moved to Brasilia and she took over the coordination of this office. Tathiane holds a law degree from Milton Campos College, in Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais.

Her move to Brasilia and coordination of the practice there was highly significant for the development of the firm. Although the Brasilia office already existed, Tathiane had the mission to consolidate and structure its operations in particular in relation to the large number of active matters before the Federal Court of Accounts (TCU).

Tathiane has extensive experience defending clients in proceedings before the Federal Court of Accounts, Supreme Federal Court and Superior Court of Justice always with the aim of creating a dialogue with the Courts in order that the client’s case is fully understood.

Tathiane has represented clients in respect of some of the most important projects in Brazil such as: Transposition of the São Francisco River, Angra 3 Nuclear Power Plant, North South Railroad, Abreu e Lima Oil Refinery and airport concessions. She also represents clients in respect of Administrative Liability Claim Proceedings (PAR) and leniency agreements with the CGU (Federal Comptroller-General’s Office) and AGU (Federal Attorney-General’s Office).

Tathiane is a member of the Law Commission on Control Bodies and the Anti-Corruption and Compliance Legislation Commission, both at OAB / DF.